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  • HIV is a virus that attacks the immune system. If untreated, a person’s immune system will eventually be completely destroyed.
  • AIDS refers to a set of symptoms and illnesses that occur at the very final stage of HIV infection.

What is HIV?

HIV is a virus that attacks the immune system, which is our body’s natural defence against illness. The virus destroys a type of white blood cell in the immune system called a T-helper cell, and makes copies of itself inside these cells. T-helper cells are also referred to as CD4 cells.
As HIV destroys more CD4 cells and makes more copies of itself, it gradually breaks down a person’s immune system. This means someone living with HIV, who is not receiving treatment, will find it harder and harder to fight off infections and diseases.
If HIV is left untreated, it may take up to 10 or 15 years for the immune system to be so severely damaged it can no longer defend itself at all. However, the speed HIV progresses will vary depending on age, health and background.  
Basic facts about HIV
  • HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus.
  • There is effective antiretroviral treatment available so people with HIV can live a normal, healthy life.
  • The earlier HIV is diagnosed, the sooner treatment can start – leading to better long term health.
  • HIV is found in semen, blood, vaginal and anal fluids, and breast milk.
  • HIV cannot be transmitted through sweat, saliva or urine.
  • Using male condoms or female condoms during sex is the best way to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.
  • If you inject drugs, always use a clean needle and syringe, and never share equipment.
  • If you are pregnant and living with HIV, the virus in your blood could pass into your baby’s body, or after giving birth through breastfeeding. Taking HIV treatment virtually eliminates this risk.

What is AIDS?

AIDS is not a virus but a set of symptoms(or syndrome) caused by the HIV virus. A person is said to have AIDS when their immune system is too weak to fight off infection, and they develop certain defining symptoms and illnesses. This is the last stage of HIV, when the infection is very advanced, and if left untreated will lead to death.
Basic facts about AIDS
  • AIDS stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome.
  • AIDS is also referred to as advanced HIV infection or late-stage HIV.
  • AIDS is a set of symptoms and illnesses that develop as a result of advanced HIV infection which has destroyed the immune system.
  • Treatment for HIV means that more people are staying well, with fewer people developing AIDS.
Although there is currently no cure for HIV with the right treatment and support, people with HIV can live long and healthy lives. To do this, it is especially important to take treatment correctly and deal with any possible side-effects.


The Most Revd Christian Efobi
Bishop of Aguata

All Saints’ Seminary, Ekwulobia is an all boys’ school lochated in Ekwulobia, Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State. It was founded on 13th of September , 2008 by the Archbishop of the Province of the Niger & Bishop of Aguata The Most Revd Christian Ogochukwu Efobi with Mr. Gabriel Ogbuagu as the pioneer principal .
The school took off with one hundred and four (104) students all boarders and since then the school has grown to over four hundred (400) students, three-five (35) tutorial or academic staff and 21 non tutorial staffs. The school has undergone Two (2) Junior Secondary School Certificate Examination (JSSCE) with one hundred percent (100%) Pass. We maintain zero tolerance to examination malpractice of any kind (internal or external).


Worst mum ever?

Worst mum ever? Mom is seen giving oral relations to a man in a car, while her young kids watch the whole thing, with one crying

There's an extremely shocking video that's online, and thankfully also in the hands of of the Illinois Department of Child Services in Chicago. In the video, the young mum of two very young children was seen giving oral relations to a man, while her two children look on. The video, which was filmed in Chicago, is sad to watch. Hope those kids are removed from her. 

Photos: 11-year-old boy brutally assaulted and thrown out onto the streets by stepmother in Lagos

Photos: 11-year-old boy brutally assaulted and thrown out onto the streets by stepmother in Lagos

A woman has been arrested by the police for the brutal assault on her 11-year-old stepson. She reportedly threw him out of the house into the street where he was found wandering four days later.

According to Chinyere Itesi, she went to the woman's house with a team of police earlier today and had her arrested. She initially resisted arrest and was on the verge of tears. See photos of the Ms Itesi, the officer attending to them, suspect, and the victim, his sister and uncle at the police station after the cut..

And now if we live in a world like this, what will we do?? Anger and hatred can't take us anywhere!

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Remy Ma Eviscerates Nicki Minaj With ANOTHER Diss Track

Remy Ma Eviscerates Nicki Minaj With ANOTHER Diss Track

Remy Ma's "shETHER" - a blistering diss track targeted at the current queen of rap, Nicki Minaj.

The music world went wild when "shETHER" dropped online last week with its cold-blooded attacks on everything from Nicki's alleged plastic surgery to the the sexual abuse charges leveled against her brother last year.
The consensus was that with a single track, Remy had left Nicki's career on life support.
Azealia Banks took Remy's side, and Twitter seemed to be overwhelmingly Team Ma.
Even those who still supported Nicki agreed that she needed to record face-saving response track ASAP.
Much to their chagrin, a week later, Nicki's clap-back remains limited to a couple lame jabs on Instagram.
But while Nicki's posting selfies and throwing shade with memes, Remy is going in hard yet again.
The Brooklyn MC just dropped a second diss pointedly titled "Another One."
The title is not only a reference the fact that Remy has, indeed, dropped another track on Nicki, it also cleverly references the refrain from Drake's "Back to Back," a diss track directed at Nicki's then-boyfriend Meek Mill.
At this point it seems unlikely that Nicki will ever be able to fully recover from Remy's assault.
But after listening to "Another One", she'll likely feel the need to at least try and return fire: